Our Goal Is To Help You Create a Tangible Vision for Your Home

Artist James Whistler once said, “An artist is not paid for his labor, but his vision.” Wanting a great home is easy, but how do you achieve that? We understand that you know the wants and needs for your home better than anyone. We strive to listen much more than we speak, with the goal of getting a more expansive and complete vision of the project. We like to know the “why” behind your desire for a new kitchen or an additional room. Our job is to translate that emotion into a purpose-driven, thoughtfully designed living space that will provide peace of mind and the utmost confidence in its quality.

The company’s vision is to offer customers an investment in lifestyle. Through consistent communication and a ceaseless commitment to service, W.T. Barker has crafted a reputation as one of the area’s most sought-after residential contractors. From gorgeous custom homes, to stunning kitchen and bath renovations, to inviting porches and sunrooms that combine innovation, contemporary design and materials with hammer-to-nail artistry and quality. W.T. Barker is the premier choice for custom residential construction in the Triangle.


Our Design-Build Approach is a mentality that we maintain by taking responsibility of the project, minimizing risks, and ultimately costs to you.

This approach designates us as the sole source of contact for your project. Our team will coordinate and work together with the architect, tradesmen, and designers. Together we can consider all aspects of the project from inception to completion and build the best plan for the criteria proposed.

Design-Build brings together the major parties of the project and incorporates their input and experiences in the design before the project starts. This allows each specialty to discuss each aspect of the process so that there are minimal surprises that arise.

Ultimately, this value-added approach allows us to create you an exemplary product in the most effective and timely manner.